Need a little swift kick in the rear  when it comes to getting things done? There's an app for that!

Carrot is promoted as "the world's first to-do list with a personality," and you might find it more motivating than the average to-do list. I

Here's how it works- you enter in a task you need to complete and as you complete tasks the app rewards you with points that can be traded in for prizes like gifts, compliments, and jokes.

Carrot's mood can be monitored by the color of a dot on the screen if it's blue the app is happy, if it turns red, it's angry. If you fail to complete tasks Carrot becomes angry, and will say things like "You haven't completed a task in 15 hours!"

Hmmmm. Carrot kinda sounds like a nagging woman.

The Carrot app is available in the Apple App Store for 99-cents.