I once had a conversation with a man in the sex industry who told me that his business is quickly becoming mainstream. He said it's not taboo anymore, we all do it and we are getting more free to explore it and talk about it. Well, here comes a book that somehow was more than those romance novels that your mom used to read. It was depicting what has proven to be what all women want in some way.

Heck, my buddy's 1st born is a '50 Shades' baby! I'm sure there's more than one of you that can relate to this. Now that the long awaited '50 Shades' movie is almost here, before I go any further here's the trailer:

You can now spice up your Valentine's Day with special '50 Shades' items like the couples blindfolds, love ring and other, at...Target! This is not a drill! I took a field trip to our local Vestal store today and here's what I found by the Pharmacy: