The Binghamton Mets were ahead 6-0 in the 2nd inning when the rains came. They'll resume the game tonight at 5:35. They'll finish the game and then play a 7 inning contest. Read all about it here.  Did you know that 50 Cent and I have something in common with the Mets?

We actually have two things. 1) We both throw left handed. 2) We were both asked to throw out the first pitch. I did it with the Binghamton Mets several years ago. Some of you may know that I've been a modified softball pitcher since I was 14.....It's not just my last name.

When I was gonna throw the first pitch, some people wanted me to throw a knuckleball underhanded to the catcher. I said "NO WAY, I will not leave it short. I might put it into the stands but it'll at least make it to the plate." I threw it overhand and it was over the plate.....or at least close to the plate.  I can't say the same for 50 Cent.

He was asked to throw out the first pitch for the New York Mets. In the words of Bob Uecker, It was "just a bit outside." To be accurate in 50 Cent's case, it was way outside. I admire the photographer. The pitch was closer to him then the plate and he didn't flinch. That's what I call, dedication.

He handled it very well. In his case, he can fall back on that music thing.....Come to think of it, so can I. Except I play the music.