Hunter Hayes is our in-studio co-host Sunday night for 'Country Countdown USA' on 98.1 The HAWK and listen live at 98.1The  I'm sure if you listen in Sunday from 7-10pm, you will have an added appreciation for this talented singer/ songwriter who one of the headliners for the HAWK's Taste of Country Music Festival last year.

The 'Invisible' singer, has a huge fan base in the Greater Binghamton area and with each new release, his audience continues to grow with the 22 year-old singer.  All this talent and 22 too!

Here are 5 things you may not know about Hunter:

1.  Hunter began his musical career at the age of 2 when his grandmother gave him an accordion.  By the time he was 4 years old, he made appearances on Maury, Rosie, and Nickelodon.

2.  According to IMDB, Hunter Hayes recorded his first record when he was 4 years old, releasing his first album of Cajun music when he was 5 years old!

3.  Hunter had early ties with Hollywood.  According to American Songwriter, Hunter received his first guitar from actor Robert Duvall.

4.  Hunter's favorite guitar is a Martin.  Hunter was signed in the Spring of 2012 as the newest brand ambassador of the Martin line of guitars.

5.  Hunter played every single instrument (32 instruments!) on his Grammy nominated album Hunter Hayes.

Now that you know Hunter Hayes a little better, don't miss him Sunday night at 7 on 'Country Countdown USA,' counting down all your favorite HAWK tunes of the week!