Most people think of Black Friday as the official kickoff to the holiday shopping season and retailers love that we flood their stores, but the truth about Black Friday is actually pretty disappointing. Here are some of the biggest Black Friday secrets that stores really don’t want you to know.

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    Some Sales Aren't That Special

    It kind of feels like each store is trying to outdo the next by screaming in our face that they've got a mega, mega sale. Except, guess what? Most of the sales aren't all that fantastic.  It's human nature to want to buy something because it's got a big sale sticker on it, but that doesn't mean the price is the best that you'll find. Don't impulse buy- do a little homework first.

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    You May Have to Sell Your Personal Info to Get a Deal

    If you want to get your hands on the best of the best Black Friday sales, you're probably going to have give out some personal information and what's worse is that a lot of times you'll only get the Black Friday discount of you give the info. Want the deal, but don't want to get slammed with spam emails? Do what I do and give your name and then an email address that you've set up only for Black Friday shopping.

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    That Sale Might Not Really Be a Sale THAT Day

    If you've ever been Black Friday shopping, then you know a lot of stores will hand out flyers with discount coupons or rebates and like me, you've probably found yourself excited at the thought of additional savings...until you read the fine print. Yeah. A lot of the coupons can't be used on Black Friday. Most of them are only usable for 4-6 weeks later.

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    Supplies Really Are Limited

    You’ve seen the fliers saying that supplies are limited, but are they really? Yep. Remember the movie, Jingle All The Way? Enough said.

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    Black Friday Is Actually All the Time

    There's something exhilarating about hunting for a bargain, scooping it up, and saving cash on Black Friday. But, here's something for you to really think about- many of the Black Friday discounts are everyday prices somewhere else. Again, do your homework before buying something just because it's got a shiny sale sticker on it.