Binghamton Mayor Rich David delivered his first State of the City address in the City Council Chambers yesterday.  Mayor David seems to know what has been neglected in the City and if he has his way, will focus on potholes, parking and police.

According to, here are the 5 things the new Mayor will focus on getting passed:

1)  Adding two police officers and eight additional firefighters.

2)  The mayor vows to fix broken roads in a timely manner.  He must have read your comments on the HAWK Facebook page as he is aware of many roads that are in great need of repair with more added daily.  Specifically he brought up Riverside Drive, Leroy Street, Conklin Avenue and Grand Boulevard in the City of Binghamton.

3)  Address the parking situation in Downtown Binghamton.
4)  To take safeguards against government employees stealing money.
5)  Replacing street lights and water meters
Democrats agreed with many of the mayor's plans, but expressed some reservations due to specifics on how the City of Binghamton will pay for it all.