On day 3 of the Winter Olympics, the U.S. dropped from 3rd to 4th in the medal count. They only picked up 1 bronze. We now have 5 medals. You know what sport I've been enjoying???? Curling.  Here's why.

5) It's like the NCAA tournament. It begins with 10 team round robin. That's like the regular season. The top 4 teams advance to the medal tournament which has a bracket. Which is just like the new College Football Playoff.

4) The U.S. women team is good. They came in 4th at last years world championship, just missing a bronze. They are just as good now.

3) It's easy to watch. It's the only Olympic sport that has a microphone on every competitor. All 4 members of each team. You can hear the strategy and the back and forth between teammates.

2) It's a game of skill and not just strength.  Men and women compete on a even playing field. Unlike the overwhelming majority of Olympic sports. You have to get it closest, which brings us to #1.

1) The rules are simple. Get your stone closest to the bull's eye to win......that's it. There is strategy involved but it's easy to follow and easier to understand.

Even Blake Shelton is becoming a fan of Curling. You gotta love a sport where you could eat anything you want. As I'm watching Women's Curling, do you wonder if there as good at ironing.....probably not.