It's almost Valentine's Day. Men, time is running out and you're starting to panic. Don't do something rash and get the wrong thing. Here are things to avoid this year....unless you're looking for a one way ticket to Splitsville.

5) Anything "As seen on TV." Although I noticed at some stores, they have a shelf full of "As seen on TV" items. It's usually a little cheaper and you don't have to pay for the S&H.  Just ripe off the corner where it says "As seen on TV" and you're good to go.

4) Bargain bin chocolate. If it's chocolate that she's never heard of before, just tell her it's exotic and it has special romantic powers....and hope she doesn't check.

3) Too big lingerie. I don't know if you can win buying lingerie. If it's too big, she wonders "exactly how big does he think I am."  If it's too small, she thinks "What is he trying to tell me? Does he think I need to lose weight?"

2) Gift card. See this is where we can't win. If I buy the lingerie or jewelry and it isn't right then I look like a clod. If I give you a gift card so that you can pick it out, it looks like I don't care enough to take the time to get it. Speaking of jewelry.

1) Cheap Jewelry. The hard part is as a man, I have no idea if it's cheap. I've bought stuff at Knobels souvenir shop and I've glued dimes on rings (Dime on ring....say it out loud.)

They say flowers is always a safe bet. But be careful or you'll be Stupid instead of Cupid. Good luck.