There's a lot that I remember from years in high school, and there's a lot that I don't. One of the things that I don't remember is elaborate promposals. Actually, I can't remember one single person in my high school doing a promposal, or even being on the receiving end of one, but promposals are all the rage with teens today.

Much like marriage proposals, promposals have taken on a life of their own. Take for instance the girl from Georgia who was asked to go to prom through a staged drug bust and fake arrest. A police officer's dash camera caught the entire thing including the couple being pulled over, the search through the vehicle, the fake arrest, and then the actual promposal.

If you're a high schooler and you're looking for fun promposals ideas that don't involve drugs, or the police, here five suggestions to get your creative juice flowing.

  • 1

    Dying to Go to Prom

  • 2

    Ping Pong Promposal

  • 3

    A Room Full of Balloons

  • 4

    A School Affair

  • 5

    Flashmob Promposal