I don't have much time anymore to do this, but when I was a kid my parents would love to go Yard sale-ing. We'd hop in Dad's 1977 Chrysler New Yorker and burn 20 gallons of gas in a day with the newspaper classifieds in hand going to yard sales! Of course "unleaded" was .89 a gallon back then, but I digress. Some of the great stuff they'd pick up would hang around the house for years. We dried our clothes on a clothesline that dad picked up at yard sale!! Plus it was a family day together. Something that all families need once in awhile!

Below is 5 CRAZY things that people have found at yard sales listed at thefiscaltimes.com!

1. 5 Paintings
Ok, you just said "So, what? Who cares." Well, when the guy who bought these went to have them re-framed he found a drawing inside one of them. Drawn by a 10 year old Andy Warhol!

2. A Stock Certificate worth 130 million
It was for the Palmer Oil Company... You know, the company that became Coca-Cola?

3.Nintendo Games
The purchaser found out later that the box was worth $50,000.00. it contained Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991 NES World Championships.

4. A 75 cent record worth $155,000.00
The LP was an acetate copy of the unreleased first album for the Velvet Underground.

5. Priceless Family Photo
A 13-year old boy bought a camera at a yard sale last year. Once home, he removed the cartridge and found a photo of his uncle, who had died in a car accident 23 years earlier!

Yard sales are great and full of mystery and intrigue! We have a HUGE one coming to the area on May 31st!! Check this out!