Sometimes buying a gift can be easy, other times you can over think the occasion or person and sometimes you absolutely have no idea what to get somebody.  Mother's Day can be one of those occasions.

You want to get something practical, yet something Mom will remember.  You can go the traditional route of flowers from a florist but a better idea may be more lasting, such as a hanging basket of petunias or a gift card to Mom's favorite greenhouse so she can pick out what she really loves.

If you're creative, create a photo album of memories.  The more pictures you can come up with the better, but also be sure to leave some space for future memories.

Make Mom dinner.  Anyone can make dinner reservations but preparing Mom's favorite meal (or having it catered), may just be a new Mother's Day tradition.

Mom loves some time alone and a spa treatment (hair, nails and/or massage) may just be the ticket.

Help Mom around the house.  Keep your promise and actually help Mom with yard work, fix something that maybe Dad or your brother didn't get to, wash her car or help her plant her garden.