If you and your better half love to run and if you've both vowed to spend more time hitting the pavement together this year, this is the perfect thing for you to do! The 6th Annual Run With Your Hun Valentine's 5K!

The 6th Annual Run with your Hun Valentine's Day 5K will kick off at the Vestal Coal House on Sunday, February 11th, from 11am-1pm.  You can run with your hun, your friends, or by yourself. If you register as a team of two, you must cross the finish line with your partner.

The entry fee for the 6th Annual Run With Your Hun Valentine's 5K varies depending on which type of registration you want and if you want a t-shirt or not. The categories include Individual, Husband and Wife, Best Friends Forever, Lovebirds, and Family. You can check out the registration fees here. Your registration fee not only covers the race, but also includes post-race chili, hot chocolate, and other refreshments.

Online registration for the 5th Annual Run With Your Hun Valentine's Day 5K is available here.

[via Run With Your Hun]