They say that there's power both in prayer and in music. And, there's no doubt that Ben Ellis is doubly blessed because he's been touch by both.

Ellis, a teacher at Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville has been courageously fighting cancer for almost a year, and recently had to stop teaching which means he's out on sabbatical and his students miss him.

Last week, several students approached their principal, suggesting that a group should go to Ellis's home to sing for him. The principal thought it was such a great idea that in the middle of the school day, an announcement was made telling the entire student body to stop what they were doing and get on one of the buses outside the school.

The entire student body and faculty, more than 400 people altogether, made their way to Ellis's home where they stood on the lawn and sang worship songs while Ellis watched, and from time to time joined in, from a window.

Tim McGraw shared the incredible video on his Facebook page.

a friend sent this to me today. Ben Ellis is a Nashville area high school teacher battling cancer. The entire student body (400+ students plus HS faculty) drove to his house to worship with him. Our thoughts and Prayers are with him and his family..... So precious and kind.

Posted by Tim McGraw on Saturday, September 10, 2016

Shannon Lee Seibert, the mother of a student, shared some more insight about how this touching moment came to be:

Leslie Ponder is a teacher at Christ Presbyterian Academy and said, "Students were in the middle of class..some taking quizzes and tests...and dropped everything for a bigger lesson on life, love, community, compassion. Being the hands and feet of Christ is very evident in this video...both from those looking down from the window and those looking up at the window..."