When you chose a restaurant in the Greater Binghamton area, you expect everything to be clean and tidy in the kitchen and when your plate arrives, you expect it to be safe to eat.  While you may have caught the show "Kitchen Nightmares," here are a few things you may have missed.

1.  Your food probably may contain the chef's saliva.  I know what you are thinking but it can and usually does happen.  Even in the best restaurants, a chef or cook picks up a spoon to sample your food.

2.  You're drinking someone else's wine.  Unfinished bottles of wine can mean "house wine" by the glass the next day.

3.  Restaurants want you to order pizza and the specials.  They love it when you order pizza because it has the biggest markup as it's very cheap to make.  I always thought specials were super fresh but actually specials more often than not is made up of food the restaurant wants to get rid of.

4.  Don't get the second-cheapest bottle of wine.  Sometimes you may go with the second less expensive wine.  Did you know that bottle most likely is marked up the most?

That did it.  I'm eating more at home, enjoying my Binghamton backyard backdrop with some good grillin'.  At least I know what is in my food.  How about you?