I recently had to make a few visits to the doctor over what is now been identified as Hiatal Hernia and GERD. But this is not what I want to chat about. After these doctor visits I have come to realize that when you are a bigger person you are automatically thrown into an awkward "Fat Guy" stereotype. What do I mean by this?

People who are not big automatically expect that you take terrible care of yourself! I have been told over the last few weeks that I cannot eat tons of sweets, drink soda or eat whenever I feel like it anymore. All of this being said with an ominous tone as if it were going to be the end of the world to me as I know it. Then I have people who I've worked with at one time or just people I know and are not close to me giving me advice like "You need to eat more fresh vegetables, or eat more greens, you need to cut back on your portions and pick healthier foods" or "You're going to have to stop eating things like The Twinkies, chips and soda"  This angers me because it is as far from the real circumstances as it can get!

This may sound like a rant but, I just want to clear the air for some of us larger folk out there. Now yes, I'm sure you've seen bigger people eat an enormous amount of unhealthy stuff. However, I do not. Let's start the explaination here:

1. I hate breakfast. Not breakfast food, just breakfast time itself.
It makes me feel slow and sloth-like the entire morning. A bunch of you are now saying"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" Your fat because you don't kick start your metabolism in the morning". Well, usually drink a protein shake! So I'm not hungry and which is better eggs and toast and the butter fat and grease, or whey protein?

2. Candy and cake.
Sure if it's someones birthday or halloween I will have some. but I refrain from eating a ton of it as the stereotype suggests because refined sugar leaves this horrible bitter aftertaste on the back of my tongue that lasts FOR HOURS and sometimes gives me a sore throat!

3. Soda
Nope. I don't drink soda. Because of the sugar aftertaste I spoke of earlier and I get hiccups from the carbonation. I drink iced coffee, water or iced Tea, period.

4. Constantly Eating
You may have time to do nothing but eat, but I do not. I work two jobs and own my own business. I eat lunch and dinner. Last week lunch consisted of a Turkey Rustico Panini and dinner was red meat and green beans (I really don't care that the meals maybe the same, as food variety is not the spice of my life). Which is why I laughed when when the nurses at the Gastroenterology office used the threatening voice while telling me I had to fast for 6 hours.  Easy, I'll skip the protein shake. It's fine.

I am making this into a big deal because for me, IT IS!

Please for the sake of all things that have human emotions, stop thinking that the size of a person is a direct reflection on the gluttony you assume they possess.