New research released today, New Year's Eve, claims that partying may actually be good for you.

#1-  It keeps you thin.  Research shows supports that women who drink a glass of wine or two a day stay 30% thinner than women who don't.

#2-  It keeps you healthy.  Studies show that the hops in beer can keep you from getting pneumonia.

#3-  It makes you glow.  The flavonoids in red wine perk up the skin and help protect you from skin damage.

#4-  It gives you strong bones.  Again, drinking a glass of wine can increase production of estrogen and other hormones that are essential for healthy bones.  Also, the silicon in beer boosts bone strength.

A study from Harvard Medical School found that wine drinkers live longer than beer or liquor drinkers, and even non-drinkers.

Celebrate in moderation and party responsibly or all the studies in the world will not matter.  Here's to a healthy New Year.