One of the many things that caught my eye during the 50th Annual CMA Awards last Wednesday night (November 2) was a commercial for Greenlight A Vet.  The project, spearheaded by Walmart, hopes to ignite a national conversation on the value and contributions that veterans make in communities like the Greater Binghamton area, and in communities across this great country of ours.

The goal for Greenlight A Vet is to show a visible symbol of support and appreciation for the service and sacrifice of our veterans.  One of the suggestions is to change out a simple light bulb from clear to green.  And just think of the impact of a simple thing like that could show and if everyone did at least one thing to show a collected effort of support for our veterans.

Here are some things you can do to support the Greenlight A Vet:

  • changing one light bulb in their home to green
  • raising awareness on social media
  • volunteering and serving with veteran groups in their community
  • starting a mentor/mentee relationship with a veteran

It's all about coming together to show your support and appreciation to those who have done so much to sacrifice their lives in the past and present.  C'mon we can all do this...together.  Not just on Veterans Day but every day.

Click HERE to learn how your light can make a difference.