OK, so your an iPhone lover. Every time Apple releases a new model it's time to skip the car payment and upgrade. This phone might make you think three times before dropping the credit card on the counter. It is reported that this iPhone 5 is GOLD. we are talking 24k worth, with 53 "flawless" diamonds totaling up 1 carat! British designer Stuart Hughes is the self proclaimed leader in the worlds most luxurious gadgets. At a total cost of $35,000.000 it had better drive, no, FLY my rear end anywhere I like.

This is another installment of the running families of Billionaire Toys we've seen pop up throughout the years. I guess if you have the money why not? Oh, did I mention he does iPads, laptops, blackberry and more? I could think of a couple of things better to do with that kind of greenback but who's judging the wealthy besides... oh, everyone. Hey, don't drop your phone Stuart! I'd tell you to buy a protective case but then no one will see the gold dripping from your text messages. Here's the Stuart Hughes website if you want to pick one up in the next five minutes or so.