There are some very important things in life that everyone needs to realize. And when that "ah!" moment strikes and the light bulb goes off, clarity begins and life is so much more enjoyable. Trust me on this. These are 24 of those things every person should realize in life.

1. If you always believe you’re the smartest person in the room, you’ll never learn anything.

2. Learn CPR, the Heimlich and basic first aid.

3. Save money. Rainy days can come out of nowhere.

4. A strong work ethic is a good substitute for being smart.

5. Handshake agreements aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

6. Don’t let your friends drift away, because they will if you let them.

7. If you’re not happy, stop what you’re doing and do something else. Right now.

8. Failure sucks, but it feels way better than not trying.

9. Always be confident. Never be cocky.

10. Remember people’s names.

11. Choose your role models carefully.

12. If making money is you’re only goal in life, you’ll never be happy because you’ll never have enough.

13. Know how to tell a good story. If you can’t capture people’s attention, you’re just someone in the background.

14. Quality trumps quantity every time.

15. A daily compliment goes a long way.

16. You can’t change the past. Let it go.

17. Prepare for the future but live in the present.

18. Own up to mistakes, even if you’re not the one who made them.

19. Learn how to change a tire and make sure to help anyone who can’t do it themselves.

20. Stop holding grudges. It accomplishes nothing.

21. Burning bridges is one of the stupidest things you can do.

22. Trust your gut, even if it’s steered you wrong in the past.

23. Be honest in all your relationships. Nobody likes a liar.

24. Relax. Whatever it is, it’s not that big a deal.