I don't know about you, but unless my team is playing in the big game, I'm more interested in the commercials and musical entertainment than the game itself. If these sneak peeks of 2014 big game commercials are any indication of what we can expect to see this year, it's gonna be a great night of commercial watching.

AXE was the first to release an 60-second version of their big game commercial (it’ll be trimmed to 30 seconds for the game) and it's completely different from any other commercial they've released before:

The last few years haven't been so great for Budweiser. Their Clydesdale commercial featuring a trainer being reunited with his horse was pretty much the only bright spot for them and it looks like they know they failed miserably last year because rumor has it this year they'll be showing three new commercials for Bud Light with a new tagline, “The Perfect Beer for Whatever Happens” and those commercials are expected to be packed with celebrities including Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The other two commercials for  Anheuser-Busch brand will feature the Clydesdale horses, and another – “Hero’s Welcome” – will pay tribute to soldiers returning from Afghanistan. This year’s Clydesdale commercial is called “Puppy Love,” and will show a Clydesdale bonding with a puppy.

Jerry and George
Earlier this month the internet exploded with speculation when word got out that Jerry Seinfeld and Jason “George Costanza” Alexander were spotted filming at Tom’s Restaurant, which served as the diner in so many episodes of Seinfeld. People thought that maybe they were filming for Jerry's web series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," but  it’s now been confirmed that Jerry and Jason were actually shooting a Super Bowl commercial. For which brand, we don't know, but there's speculation that they'll appear in a commercial for Chobani or Dannon, or either Coca-Cola or Pepsi.

Butterfinger and Doritos
GoDaddy is notorious for big game commercials that push the limits, but it looks like they've decided to clean up their act this year so that leaves a gaping hole for commercials that push the limits and it looks like both Butterfinger and Doritos will be filling that hole this year.  With more than 2 million YouTube views, it's pretty likely we'll be seeing this fan made Doritos commercial this year:

Also expected to push the limit this year is Butterfinger who released this teaser:

Here are a couple more teasers that have been released by various companies to get us excited for what's to come.