The Taste of Country Music Festival begins on Friday the 13th...It won't be bad luck if you're going to the event. 20 acts in 3 days on the mountain...Hunter Mountain. One of the acts is Nashville recording artist Rachel Lipsky. She and the band will be visiting the Hawk morning show on Friday.

She'll be playing on Sunday at the Fest and she's agreed to visit with us on her way there. She has a brand new single called "Bones."  This video is worth checking out. It's a mix of Carrie Underwood and Gretchen Wilson.  Someone to have on your side but don't make her mad.

I took a shot and asked her if the band knew "Elvira." I figured I would take a shot and since Traci isn't here to stop me (or them), I went for it. Since they don't know better yet, they said they would learn it....I hope I don't derail her career with that one.

We are looking forward to having her here on Friday and seeing her at the Taste of Country Music Festival on Sunday. To find out about Rachel, go here.