It's amazing how brave and selfless some people can be when there's an emergency.  And it's equally amazing how DUMB other people can be.

A house fire broke out in Columbus, Georgia on Thursday, while six adults and two kids were inside watching TV.  Luckily, everyone made it out safely, including a guy named Walter Serpit.

But shortly after he made it out, Walter decided to be a hero, and rushed back into the burning building.  But it wasn't to rescue a pet or grab some family photos.  He went back for something way more important... to him.

Moments later, Walter emerged from the smoke, fire and mayhem with... a bunch of cans of Bud Light that he rescued from the refrigerator.  And by the way, Walter is deisabled. He walks with a cane.  No worries, both Walter and the beer were fine.

He ended up explaining to the local news that he took the lead, and asked the other adults to make sure the kids were okay.  Then he ran back in because, quote, "Being an alcoholic, I was trying to get my beer out."

In the end, no one was hurt.  And the fire is being blamed on a faulty water heater.