Someone near and dear to my heart is gearing up for an 18 person Thanksgiving at her place. Stressful! House guests have been the bane of their friends and family for eternity for a lot of reasons. Check them out!

Here are the 10 worst things guests do, according to this new survey:

1. Staying indefinitely.

2. Snooping.

3. Showing up without any warning.

4. Bringing an extra guest without running it by you.

5. Critiquing your home.

6. Making a mess.

7. Smoking inside.

8. Being too loud.

9. Eating too much of your food.

10. Not offering to help with chores.

The survey also found the five best things a guest can do:

Keeping their area clean.

Being clear about when they're arriving and leaving.

Giving you a gift

Asking about the house rules

Sending a thank-you note.


[Via: Home Advisor]