If you have a camera on your smart phone it's the best. Why? Because you already have it on your pocket or purse! You can snap shots on the fly of fun moments with friends and family or document anything for future review. Below are some tips to make those photos even better.


1. Get the best App.

Sometimes, the camera software on your phone isn't awesome enough. There are 100s of camera/photo apps now, go get them! Mess with them and see which ones work the best for you. Camera+ is a solid app to try, it’s easy to use and lets you experiment with borders, filters, cropping, and tons of other features. For editing, I've used Snap Speed and... it's pretty awesome! Lots of options to make your pics look stellar.


Think like a photographer. Check out your surroundings. Pick a background from the environment that doesn't look crazy behind your subject matter. I know your phone has flash... but! Natural light is best.
3. Breathe out, stop wiggling, hit the button

Use both hands. use the focus button, breathe out and snap the pic.

4. Accessories!

Go to the mall kiosk! Check out the cases. You might find a Mirrored Case that will allow you to see your reflection from behind the phone. Also, I recently bought a tripod adapter to hold my phone by Joby. Takes the wiggle out and if you use the timer, you can line up the shot and get in it!

5. Fix your sights!

Line up your shot differently. Don't take the shots from just where you're standing at your height, you will have a lot of weird angles of your kid, dog or anything peering eerily up at you. Get down to their level, or lower to get some great angles.

6. Don't Blind Me Bro!

It doesn't matter what camera you have in your hand back-light is NOT your friend. Bright, natural light is best, but please don't point camera directly into any light. The spotlight or sunshine behind your friends is a pic killer. Also, watch how the light shines on who you’re snapping the pic of – no squinting, and no shadows across faces.

7. Take More Than You Need.

It's digital, take as many pictures as you want, who cares if they're not perfect. flood the memory card with shots. You can pick out the best later!

8. Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Why not shoot a video of the epic dive your brother is about to do off the garage into the pool? Then take screen shots of the video after for stills!

9. Get In There.

Zoom stinks. It's always software based and kills the quality of the shot. Besides you'll get a LOT more detail!

10. STOP! Wipe It Down.

No not the screen silly. THE LENS. I don't know how many times someone will hand me their phone for an artist pic or whatever and the lens on the back has make up, dust or pocket fuzz all over it... You should use a microfiber cloth, but a breath puff and your shirt will do.

Now get out into the Southern Tier and take some epic shots with what you've learned... If you want, share them on the Facebook page!