Taste of Country has put together a list of the "10 things you didn't know about George Strait".  Did you know that George is NOT a member of the Grand Ole Opry or that his first movie role was in a terrorist action film?  Me either.  I also didn't know George thinks of his late daughter when he sings "You'll Be There" or that after his parents divorced, his mother took his sister, but left George and his brothers with their dad.  You might already know some of these, but they're all interesting especially number #9, which is heartbreaking.

#1.)  Some of his best songs never reached number one- George has had 59 #1 singles, which is more than any artist in any genre but songs like "Run", "The Fireman", "True", "You'll Be There" and "Wrapped" never topped the country chart.

#2.)  Having so many #1 singles isn't the only record that George holds-  Yes, George's 59 Number Ones are impressive but he also has the most CMA and ACM wins and nominations in country music history.

#3.)  His son Bubba got him back into songwriting- George says his one regret is that he stopped writing early in his career.  Fortunately, his son Bubba got him back into it for his album "Twang".  They co-wrote "Arkansas Dave", and George ended up co-writing two other songs on that album plus he co-wrote seven songs on his album "Here for a Good Time".

#4.)  He is NOT a member of the Grand Ole Opry-  we don’t know exactly why  but it’s believed it's because the Opry demands artists give them a commitment to play there, and George isn't crazy about leaving his Texas ranch.

#5.)  His mother left him at a young age- when his parents divorced, George's mother took her daughter but NOT her sons.  His father raised George and his brothers.

#6.)  George didn't think "Living And Living Well" was a hit- George almost didn't record it, but he's glad he did.  He said, quote, "Obviously, I was wrong, because it went to Number One."

#7.)  He isn't shy; he just doesn't like doing interviews- everybody wants a piece of George but he prefers to spend as much time as possible focusing on family and music.

#8.)  His first movie role was in a terrorist action film- George played himself in the 1982 movie "The Soldier".  According to IMDB, it was about "terrorists taking over a plutonium bomb."  George's scene involved a barroom brawl.

#9.)  George thinks of his late daughter when he sings "You'll Be There"- George's daughter Jenifer died in a car accident in 1986 at the age of 13.  He doesn't talk much about the incident but "USA Today" got him to admit he thinks of her when he sings that song.

#10.)  He served in the U.S. Army- George enlisted in the Army in 1971, and was still in the army when he started performing with a group called Rambling Country.