I know couple of people that are department store free renters. What is that you ask? It's like borrowing an item from your friend with a full price deposit. You buy it wear/use it once or twice and return it for a refund. Here's a list of stores that are notorious for letting you free rent:

1.  Anthropologie.  They say they guarantee everything they sell unconditionally.

2.  Athleta.  It's a workout apparel store, owned by Gap.  They take everything back, for any reason.

3.  Costco.  You have to return electronics within 90 days.  But everything else is unrestricted.

4.  CVS.  They even take back OPENED beauty products.

5.  Eddie Bauer.  They give a full refund on everything if you're not completely satisfied.

6.  Kohl's.  They give refunds even when you don't have a RECEIPT.

7.  Land's End.  Full refunds, no time limit.

8.  L.L. Bean.  You can return stuff you bought online, without getting approval from customer service ahead of time.

9.  Nordstrom.  They say they have no return policy . . . they ALWAYS work with the customer.

10.  Trader Joe's.  They give full refunds with no questions asked.