Some consider opening up a can of soup or throwing a frozen dinner in the microwave a quick dinner.  Easy sure but what about the sodium.  If you are tired of going to bed chugging a gallon of water, you may want to try a quick 'Stir-Fry On The Fly.'

You may want to first start your rice first as your meal will be ready in the time it takes your rice to get done.

Next, thinly sliced meat, some fresh vegetables, ginger, garlic

>>  Slice and chop the vegetables and any meat.

>>   Mince or grate garlic, ginger, and scallions together, then add to the stir fry just before it is done.

>>  Scrambled eggs, peanuts, or cashews can also vary the texture and flavor if you decide to add to your pan.

>>   Add soy sauce and sesame oil to your taste.