GARTH BROOKS recently gave into the era of streaming, and finally made his music available to the new Amazon Prime on-demand service.  It's an exclusive deal, but at the moment it doesn't include his full catalog.

Now that Garth is kind of onboard, there are still a few artists whose music isn't on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon.  Here's a "Billboard" list of the 10 biggest hold-outs.

1.  Aaliyah.  Her debut album "Age Ain't Nothing But a Number" is available on most streaming services.  But if you prefer her post-R. Kelly period . . . as most fans do . . . you're out of luck.

2.  De La Soul.  Their last few albums are available, including the new Kickstarter-funded "And the Anonymous Nobody..."  But the classic stuff is hung up in rights issues.

3.  Def Leppard.  There are a ton of re-recordings of their popular stuff on Spotify and Apple Music, and some of their more recent albums are there.  But the original versions of the classic songs have been blocked over royalty disputes.

4.  King Crimson.  There's NOTHING on Spotify or Apple, and that's intentional. King Crimson leader Robert Fripp has been a long-time critic of digital music, and in 2009 he said, quote, "Is this seriously being presented as a future for the industry?"

5.  The British electronic group The KLF.  It's no surprise that they don't have any interest in the digital age.  In 1992, they left the music business, and publicly deleted their entire back catalog.

6.  Yoko Ono.  Most of her solo stuff isn't available, but some of her collaborative projects are, including her stuff with John Lennon . . . "Double Fantasy" and Plastic Ono Band.

7.  Bob Seger.  He said his absence from streaming is due to an ongoing issue with his manager and Capitol Records.  But he's also said he doesn't use computers much, so he might not be in a hurry to get a deal done.

8.  Suede.  They had their '90s and '00s material available on Spotify and other services until recently, when it was pulled for some reason.  But you can still listen to their recent stuff, including "Bloodsports" and "Night Thoughts".

9.  Tool.  They've continually resisted digital distribution, and nothing is available.

10.  Thom Yorke.  Most Radiohead music is finally available, but he's still holding out with his other work.  Neither of his solo albums are available, and Atoms for Peace's "Amok" is missing too.